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Have you ever seen a pattern that you really liked, but either couldn't find the yarn the pattern called for or wanted to use a different type of yarn with a different gauge and didn't know how to make the adjustment? Now you can break free of these bonds and have it all!

Jean Wong, who is a certified knitting instructor, having been trained by the rigorous Japanese NAC, Nihon Amimono (knitting) Culture Association in Asia, can teach you how to adapt and or create your own patterns using the yarns of your choice.

Her wealth of experience includes over 21 years of teaching and her patient ways are an encouragement to any knitter. In her various NAC classes her students learn how to:

Currently living in Vancouver, Canada, Jean teaches courses at all levels of experience, ranging from Beginner to Advanced curricula. This includes a 4-year certified NAC course, which upon graduation, will equip the student to teach these unique techniques. The NAC certification course is currently also offered in the Seattle area.

Jean is excited to draw from her wealth of experience in her DVD, "Knitting with Jean" which offers finishing techniques that produce a professional look. Her step-by-step instruction will enable both beginner and master knitters to customize projects to fit.